Nakajima Nanako Special Talk
“No(h) to Trio A”


  • Trio A Facing” Photo by Kai Maetani

  • Lecture: Nakajima Nanako

  • Lecture: Nakajima Nanako

  • Performance: Takabayashi Kouji + Terada Misako

  • Performance: Takabayashi Kouji + Terada Misako

  • Performance: Takabayashi Kouji + Terada Misako

  • Talk

TALK [Nagoya Castle Area]

Lecture + Performance

November 17th Wed. 19:00-20:15
Nagoya Noh Theater
First 200 persons
Nakajima Nanako
Takabayashi Kouji (Kita school Noh actor)
Terada Misako (Dancer, Choreographer)



Nakajima Nanako

Dr. Nanako Nakajima is a scholar and dance dramaturg. She is a Valeska Gert Visiting Professor 2019/20, at Freie Universitaet Berlin, and realized Dance Archive Box Berlin in 2020. Her recent research-dramaturgy projects include Dance Archive Boxes @TPAM2016, Yvonne Rainer Performative Exhibition at Kyoto Art Theater Shunju-za 2017, Wang Mengfan’s piece with retired revolutionary ballet dancers at Wuzhen Theatre Festival, China, 2019. Nanako received the Special Commendation of the Elliott Hayes Award in 2017 for Outstanding Achievement in Dramaturgy from the Literary Manager and Dramaturgs of the Americas. Her publications include Dance Dramaturgy: Modes of Agency, Awareness and Engagement (Palgrave, 2015), The Aging Body in Dance: A cross-cultural perspective (co-ed. Gabriele Brandstetter, Routledge, 2017), and currently is writing her monograph on dance dramaturgy. Recently she launched a new bilingual website on dance dramaturgy.

Takabayashi Koji (Kita school Noh actor)

Born in Kyoto in 1935. From his infancy, he was trained only by his father, Ginji Takabayashi. In 1971 he became a Kita school Noh actor as a profession. Since April 1982, he has continued the disclosure performance “Kita School, Yousen Noh” with permission of the Kita school Noh Kyoto, which has a tradition of 400 years, and he has been making efforts to popularize Noh, maintain the tradition, and foster successors. His first stage was “Asukagawa” as Ko-kata, a child role (1938). He played three important Noh — “Sotoba Komachi”(1998), “Oumu Komachi”(2009), and “Obasute”(2012) — all three are included in Roujo-mono (an old woman appears as Shite, a protagonist). In 2016, he retired from dancing as Shite after performing “Eguchi”.

Terada Misako (Dancer, Choreographer)

Misako Terada studied classical ballet from childhood. In 1991, she formed a dance group with Osamu Jareo and performed domestically and internationally. She received both the Next Generation Choreographer Award and Audience Award at the Toyota Choreography Award in 2002. She moved into solo performance from 2006, appearing in the work of Setsuko Yamada, Zan Yamashita, Tsuyoshi Shirai, and Akira Kasai. She has established a reputation for “high-resolution” dance that develops academic techniques in very original ways.