1980YEN “GIG for public announcement” 2022

PERFORMANCE [Atsuta/Miya no Watashi]

“GIG for public announcement”

November 20th Sun. 10:00-12:00
Miya no Watashi Park

*No application required


Artist Statement

We go through life surrounded by a vast sea of advertisements: smartphone ads that have targeted without our realization; ever-changing flyers along the street; ads hanging in train cars; jumbo screens looming over the public...
Living in a modern society awash in information and color, we are bombarded wherever we go by catchphrases and jingles that constantly fan the urge to purchase. Yet it is also true there is a certain kind of comfort and beauty in this toxic world of misinformation and exaggeration. We explore the aesthetics and artistry embodied in advertisements, using irony and humor to express our message about “the gap between ad and art.”


1980YEN (Ichy-kyou-ppa)

This collective focuses on exaggerated culture and crabs. Audaciously sampling modern Japan's fast culture, their form of expression combines music and art. Since their formation in 2009, they have not only made appearances at clubs and music festivals, but also have participated actively in international exhibitions of contemporary art. Their works have been exhibited at Yokohama Triennale (2021), the Japan Media Arts Festival (2019), Roppongi Art Night (2017), and other events.