There are numerous cultural heritages and tourism resources along the edges of the Nagoya Plateau and Atsuta Plateau. From Nagoya Castle, going through Nayabashi to Miya-no-Watashi, and then to Port of Nagoya, the flow of the Horikawa River is a "stream" connecting these heritages in a line. Streaming Heritage uses contemporary art to highlight this flow, streaming Nagoya’s historical and cultural heritage in real-time.
This event is intended to show the world the charms of Nagoya’s unique cultural arts, creating an interaction between history and the present through installations by well-known domestic and international artists, symposiums featuring experts and creators, and performances using cutting-edge technology, and so lead to a revitalization of social and economic activity.


  • Exhibition
  • Performance
  • Talk
  • Collaboration Events



Collaboration Events